Program STACOM 2018

8:30-9:30 Registration
9:30-9:40 Welcome and agenda (workshop organizers)
9:40-10:30 Keynote lecture (chair: Dr. Alistair Young)
Keynote speaker: Dr. Andrew King, King's College London, UK
Title: Machine learning in cardiac imaging.

10:30-11:00 Regular papers - poster teasers 2 min each presenter (chair: Dr. Khawal Rhode)
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
10:30-13:00 Regular papers - orals (chairs: Dr. Mihaela Pop and Dr. Maxime Sermesant)
11:30-11:42 T Syed, B Samari, K Siddiqi: “Estimating Sheets in the Heart Wall
11:42-11:54 A Banerjee, R Kharbanda, R Choudhury, V Grau: “Automated Motion Correction and 3D Vessel Centerlines Reconstruction from non- simultaneous angiographic projections
11:54-12:06 S Dangi, Z Yaniv, C Linte: “Left Ventricle Segmentation and Quantification from Cardiac Cine MR Images via Multi-task Learning
12:06-12:18 J Slipsager, K Juhl, P Sigvardsen, K Kofoed, O Backer, A Olivares, R Paulsen: “Statistical Shape Clustering of Left Atrial  Appendages
12:18-12:30 S Marchesseau, H Fadil, J Totman “Deep Learning Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Structural CMR
12:30-12:42 F Guo, M Li, M Ng, G Wright, M Pop: “Cine and Multicontrast Late Enhanced MRI Registration for 3D Heart Model Construction
12:42-12:54 J Mill, A Olivares, E Silva, I Genua, A Fernandez, A Aguado, M Nuñez, T Potter, X Freixa, O Camara: “Joint analysis of personalized in-silico haemodynamics and shape descriptors of the left atrial appendage
12:54-13:00 Session wrap-up and general discussion
13:00-15:00 Lunch and poster presentation (chairs: Dr. Kristin McLeod and Dr. Tommaso Mansi)

List of accepted posters

15:00-16:00 LV quantification challenge (chair: Dr. Shuo Li)
15:00-15:20 Challenge data and description from the organizers
15:20-16:10 Short orals (10min each) from the LVquant challenge:
15:20-15:30 E Kerfoot, J Clough, I Oksuz, J Lee, AP King, J Schnabel: “Left-Ventricle Quantification Using Residual U-Net
15:30-15:40 J Li, Z Hu: “LV full quantification using deep layer aggregation based multitask relationship learning
15:40-15:50 I Grinias, G Tziritas: “Convexity and connectivity principles applied for Left Ventricle segmentation and quantification
15:50-16:00 H Xu, J Schneider, V Grau: “Calculation of anatomical and functional metrics using deep learning in Cardiac MRI
16:00-16:10 L Liu, J Ma, J Wang, J Xiao “Automated Full Quantification of Left Ventricle using deep neural networks
16:10-16:30 Challenge wrap-up
16:30-17:00 Coffee break
17:00-18:50 Atrial segmentation challenge (chair: Dr. Jichao Zhao)
17:00-17:10 Challenge data and description from the organizers
17:10-18:20 Short orals (10min each) from the 3D Atrial segmentation challenge:
17:10-17:20 Q Xia, Y Hao, Z Hu, A Hao: “Automatic 3D Atrial Segmentation from Gadolinium-enhanced MRI using Volumetric Fully Convolutional Networks
17:20-17:30 S Jia, A Despinasse, Z Wang, H Delingette, X Pennec, P Jaïs, H Cochet, M Sermesant: “Automatically Segmenting the Left Atrium from Cardiac Images Using Successive 3D U-Nets
17:30-17:40 M Qiao, Y Wang, R Geest, Q Tao: ”Fully Automated Left Atrium Cavity Segmentation from 3D GE-MRI by Multi-Atlas Selection and Registration
17:40-17:50 C Bian, X Yang, S Zheng, J Ma, YA Liu, R Nezafat, PA Heng, Y Zheng: “Pyramid Network with online Hard Example Mining for Accurate Left Atrium Segmentation
17:50-18:00 X Yang, N Wang, Y Wang, X Wang, R Nezafat, D Ni, PA Heng: “Combating Uncertainty with Novel Losses for Automatic Atrium Segmentation
18:00-18:10 C Li, Q Tong, X Liao, W Si, Y Sun, Q Wang, PA Heng: “Attention based hierarchical aggregation network for 3D Left atrial segmentation
18:10-18:30 Challenge wrap-up
18:30-18:50 Presentation from the sponsors
18:50:19:00 Awards, closing remarks and adjourn